As with immediate effect MBG Thermographic Surveys (Pty) Ltd has become MBG Non-Destructive Testing Solutions (Pty) Ltd. With this change, a new and improved website has been launched. All of your reports have been moved across to this new website. All login detail and passwords will remain the same.

In the process of moving all of your reports across to the new website, MBG Non-Destructive Testing Solutions (Pty) Ltd made sure to comply with all requirements of the POPI Act. This was done to ensure the protection of your information.

To access your reports in future please follow this link:

Why MBG Thermographic Surveys (Pty) Ltd?

A dedicated team of professionals that own the company and thus will be able to offer the client personalised service.

No generic reporting but individual designs for every level of your organisation. Reports produced are accepted by your industry and Risk Management companies.

Thermography allows you to see what the eye can't see. It is the way to identify faults earlier, at a low cost, thus enabling the repairs to be completed more effectively and efficiently.

In many cases thermography is not used to its fullest potential and this is where we believe we stand out in the market.

You can download a sample report here: PDF Sample Report

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