About Us

MBG Thermographic Surveys (Pty) Ltd was started in 2011 by Megon, Graeme & Bruce Stewart to meet the ever increasing demand in Africa for quality Thermographic Surveys. In the first years of existence the company showed exceptional growth proving that quality service is what the clients needed from a Thermographic Survey Supplier.

MBG Thermographic Surveys (Pty) Ltd is a Company dedicated to supplying Thermographic Surveys and related products only, with a small dedicated team of professionals, who all have an interest in the company. Because of its founders’ decision it will not have other non related businesses to distract from the services offered.

To set MBG Thermographic Surveys (Pty) Ltd apart from the other suppliers we will be looking at each market segment as separate identities as well as looking at the customers carbon footprint followed by the reduction in energy costs coupled with the financial benefits that are achieved in the insurance and risk assessment arenas.

We will also be looking at each company as a whole so as to be able to offer them a solution to their total needs and thus ensure that all problems are identified and recommendations to rectify these are offered.

To ensure that the client’s needs are met we offer the following types of reporting:

  • Quantitive Reporting.
  • Qualitive Reporting.

By virtue of the company structure reports that are produced quickly and sent out by e-mail. Hard and disc copy will also be supplied for each survey completed.

A history is kept of each survey.

Company Vision and Mission

The owners set the vision and mission statement prior to starting the company and are committed to upholding these at all costs



To supply our clients with the best Thermographic Surveys whilst growing our staff compliment so that the company is stable and thus provides a long term career for all employees. To encourage our staff to become involved in the running of the company, so that they can also earn the right to be a shareholder. To create a business that is a family orientated business with the families employed by the company benefiting and owning the business.


To provide our clients with the best ongoing service that meets their individual needs whilst complying to the KING CODE 3 wherever possible. To ensure that all our staff are kept up to date with the latest information to ensure that we always give our clients the best that there is to offer at any given time. To be aware of our impact on the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint wherever and whenever possible.

MBG Thermographics