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Graeme Stewart, the Technical Director of MBG Thermographic Surveys (Pty) Ltd, says that the use of thermography in the mechanical field has always been under utilised as historically it has been seen as only for electrical systems.

This, he says, means that the mechanical engineer has not had the use of a very powerful tool to identify faults at the earliest opportunity.
He goes on to say that within the field of mechanical thermographic surveys, to ensure that the mechanical equipment is operating efficiently and effectively it is important that all mechanical equipment such as bearings, gearboxes motors etc are surveyed on a continuous basis. The very least the equipment should be covered once a year, but ideally this should be done once in the summer months and once in the winter months. He goes on to say that an inexpensive survey and the prompt repairing of the items identified by the thermographer will prevent breakdowns, injuries and in some cases the death of employees.

Graeme says that when used in conjunction with an electrical thermographic survey, the overall reduction in total energy costs is significant. This linked to the possible reduction in risk assessment cost can be very meaningful to the client.

As the Technical Director, and a internationally qualified & certified thermographer, he warns companies that a thermographer is a specialist in analysing the images produced by the thermographer whilst on site. A person without the specialised training cannot accurately inform the client of the danger of the faults detected, he says.

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