Thermographic Services

In-line and Spot Check Product Testing

When required thermography can be used for the surveying of products that are produced at a specific temperature or when there is a requirement for periodic checking of product.
This is done either as a spot check on a call out basis or with the installation of in-line sensors.

Examples of the use of in-line thermography in these fields are as follows:
In the rubber industry it is used as the rubber comes out of the extractor to unsure that the vulcanising has been done at the correct temperature.
In the bakery industry it is used to ensure that the trays are at the correct temperature prior to the dough being placed in them before baking.

In-line thermography is done where it is only necessary to identify the variance change in temperature. The operator is notified by means of an alarm system normally with a high/low tolerance setting. At entry level no reporting is done. As more sophistication is required software can be added to sensors and this can then report on the variances.

Spot check thermography when use for product testing can be used where there is a need to ensure that a piece of equipment is functioning at a desired standard. This form of product testing is used when a report is required. It is used to ensure that ovens etc are producing products, especially in the case where there are multi units being produced at one time.

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