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Using Thermographic Surveys to find faults in areas with cladding and seals.


The Technical Director of MBG Thermographic Surveys (Pty) Ltd, says that the use of thermography in the Refrigeration field has never been utilised, as historically it hasn't been promoted by thermographic companies.

This means that the Cold Storage, Ice Cream, Frozen Food & Ice manufacturing companies have not had the use of a very powerful tool to identify faults at the earliest opportunity. The chillers and the storage areas where energy is lost through the seals are often overlooked even though potentially these can be where the biggest energy losses occur. It is also often the area where product loss occurs as the cold room cladding a seals are allowing heat in The surveying ensures that the cooling and refrigeration is operating efficiently and effectively. The very least the operation should be covered once a year, but ideally this should be done once in the summer months and once in the winter months. MBG Thermographic Surveys (Pty) Ltd can proof that an inexpensive survey and the prompt repairing of the items identified by the thermographer will reduce the overall cost and energy efficiency of the operation.

As the Technical Director, and an internationally qualified & certified thermographer, he warns companies that a thermographer is a specialist in analysing the images produced by the imager whilst on site. A person without the specialised training cannot accurately inform the client of the client of the danger or effects of the faults detected, he says.

Piping and Ducting.

Very often MBG Thermographic's Thermographers find piping that has cladding on it. This area is very often overlooked by the maintenance personnel when a thermographic survey is being carried out as they don't realise the ease with which Thermography can detect faults through the cladding.

Ask the Thermographer when he is on site to demonstrate how he can assist you, or call our Technical Director for more information regarding this cost effective method of fault detection.

Another area that Thermography can be effectively used is wherever there are silicone seals on ducting. Very often on joints, corners etc the silicon seal breaks down due to movement within the joints or due to temperature or age breakdown of the product. A very simple "look" at the seals by the thermographer will show potential faults.

Don't under utilise the power of Thermography in your plant by having a company that is not a dedicated Thermographic Survey Company conduct your surveys.

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