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Infrared Inspection Windows

Infrared Inspection Windows

MBG Thermographic Surveys (Pty) Ltd have been appointed the authorized distributor for the EXISCAN range of Industrial-Grade Infrared Windows.

Why risk personnel safety, plant assets, and loss of production? Exiscan manufactures "bullet proof" IR windows designed to eliminate risk, protect your assets and save you money.

Eliminate Risks
Comply with electrical safety mandates, by providing safer access for thermographers to trouble-shoot electrical switchgear, and other electrical applications. Because the Exiscan IR windows maintain a NEMA/IP seal while thermographers perform IR surveys, personnel are separated from energized electrical conductors and circuit parts per electrical safety mandates. The non-intrusive inspection process controls risk by virtually eliminating the possibility of worker-initiated electrical hazards during inspection, making them a natural choice for any facility that places a premium on risk mitigation and safe work practices. Patent pending design features create "bullet-proof" protection to guard against blast effects when the window is closed.

Lean & Green
Work process improvements resulting from closed panel inspections are 75% to 95% more efficient than open-panel inspections. The result is an almost immediate ROI -- in as little as the first inspection cycle. The simplicity, safety and efficiency of the inspection means that more frequent and meaningful inspections become the norm so that energy wasting faults are systematically banished from your systems. More efficient use of labour, more efficient use of energy… Exiscan IR windows will help your facility see GREEN in more ways than one.

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Visual Inspection Window

Visual Inspection Window

MBG Thermographic Surveys (Pty) Ltd have also been appointed the authorized distributor for the EXISCAN visual inspection windows.

Safer Visual Inspections

EXISCAN visual inspection windows are an easy way to enable closed-panel visual access in compliance with safety standards. The resulting work process is far safe, more efficient , de-risked and COST EFFECTIVE.

Use Exiscan Visual Inspection Windows to allow operators, electricians and engineers to:

  • Inspect for indicators of equipment conditions
  • View critical meters or indicators
  • Take digital images of components for work orders – (not infrared images See product page for IR windows)
  • Verify full disengagement of moving parts

Establishing an Electrically Safe Work Condition:
One of the steps to “achieving an electrically safe work condition” is that whenever possible verify that there is no moving parts or dangerous connections within the panels to be opened. The EXISCAN Inspection Window provide visibility to workers to perform such a check prior to opening equipment

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